Welcome to the MSBA Business Law Section Archived Articles from 2006-2008. Please click on a title below to view the article. 

Fall 2008:

Changes to Federal Acquisition Regulations

By Meredith Blake Martin, Esq.,  Astrachan Gunst & Thomas, P.C.


Avoid Lock-Ins of LLC Minority Members

By Razvan E. Miutescu, Gorman & Williams


Maryland Governor Signs 3 Bills Addressing Mortgage Fraud, Foreclosure, and Foreclosure Rescue Transactions

By Wingrove Lynton, Esq. and Catherine Brennan, Esq., Hudson Cook LLP


Don’t Stray Too Far: When a Finder Becomes a Broker

By Lara L. Hjortsberg, Esq.


Revised FTC Franchise Rule Alters the Landscape of Franchise Sales Disclosure Obligations

By David L. Cahn, Esq., Franchise and Business Law Group

Fall 2007:

Five Tips to Protecting Your Client’s Patent Rights

By: William S. Ramsey, Esq.


The Perils of Online Advertising

By Louis J. Levy


Officer Liability for Unpaid Corporate Taxes

By Randy Fisher, Esq.


By Joseph P. Ward, Esq., and Joseph L. Morales, Esq., Whiteford, Taylor & Preston, LLP
By Joseph G. Miller Esq., Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army

Corporate Legislative Update

By Whiteford, Taylor & Preston L.L.P.


Employment Agreements: Are They Necessary?

The Maryland Uniform Trade Secrets Act

By Milton E. Babirak, Jr.

Babirak, Vangellow & Carr P.C.


Corporate Governance for Non-Profits

By Stephanie TsacoumisGibson, Dunn, and Crutcher LLP

Fall 2006:

Issues in Foreign Military Sales Programs

By Joseph G. Miller Esq., Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army