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 Request for Proposal Bid Protests:  Maryland State Board of Contract Appeals Now Requires  Plaintiff to Establish “reasonable possibility of winning”

by Kelly Raynaud ’17

MSBA-UB Business Law Clerkship Fellow 2016

Under the auspices of Joseph J. DyerSeyfarth Shaw LLP

Crowdfunding: Securities and Exchange Commission Adopts Final Rules

by Stuart E. Smith, Esq.

Limited Liability Company Charging Orders Part II: Charging Order Protections – Exclusivity, Foreclosure and Single Member LLCs

By Meredith Cipriano ’15

With input from Clerkship Fellows 2015

Under the auspices of John Orrick, Jr., Carmen Fonda and Marshall Paul

Limited Liability Company Charging Orders Part I: Implications of Recent Maryland Amendments and Policy Ramifications

By Meredith Cipriano ’15 and Ariana DeJan-Lenoir ’15

With input from Laura Gagne ’15 and Stuart Smith ’15

Under the auspices of John Orrick, Jr., Carmen Fonda and Marshall Paul