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Securities and Exchange Commission Adopts Final Rules for Crowdfunding

 By Stuart E. Smith, Esq.

DISCLAIMER: Mr. Smith is currently a law clerk for the Court of Appeals of Maryland.  The opinions, positions, statements, and/or views expressed in this article are solely those of the author, and do not reflect those of the Maryland Judiciary.



Limited Liability Company Charging Orders Part II: Charging Order Protections: Exclusivity, Foreclosure, and Single Member LLCs

Meredith Cipriano with input from Clerkship Fellows
Under the auspices of John Orrick, Jr.Carmen Fonda, and Marshall Paul



Limited Liability Company Charging Orders Part I: Implications of Recent Maryland Amendments and Policy Ramifications

Meredith Cipriano with input from Laura Gagne and Stuart Smith
Under the auspices of John Orrick, Jr., Carmen Fonda, and Marshall Paul



Fee-Shifting Corporate Bylaws: What’s the Law in Maryland?

Kenneth B. Abel and Diane Festino Schmitt
of Ober | Kaler



New Federal Regulations for Municipal Advisors

Brent Clemmens
Under the auspices of Eric G. Orlinsky and James E. Cumbie



Maryland Securities Commissioner Expands Access to Maryland’s Limited Offering Exemption (MLOE)

Prepared at the Request of the MSBA Business Law Section Council



Online Legal Document Preparation and the Unauthorized Practice of Law

Prepared at the Request of the MSBA Business Law Section Council



Articles of Transfer: The Arcana of Maryland Corporate Realty Transfers

Kevin L. Shepherd
of Venable LLP



Receipt of Retainer Payments by Credit Card Concerns

Summary of Listserv Discussion



Using Content Found Online: Caution Required

Louis J. Levy
of Lerman Senter PLLC